At 35 km from Naxos Town and 8km from the Koronos village is the scenic bay of Lionas. Beach with pebbles and black sand, crystal clear waters .
Visitors on route from the crown in Lionas can see galleries of mines from where smyridergates pooping Emery.

The Emery, “smirigli” in the local dialect, is a rock found only in the island of Naxos. Emery is still quarried today. After processing, emery is used in many applications such as emery grinding (“smyridotrochoi”). In its granular form it is used for non-slip pavings.

The depth range of the galleries is from 50 to 250 meters. From Pigi Koronou (Korono’s source) started a funicular was in two more terminals, in places Pezoules and Stravolagkada. Metal pillars of air, with four legs, wheels that they got the wire and moved the wagons with the emery compose together with the whole landscape, an impressive image. Moreover constitute monument of modern industrial history of the country. The funicular was built in 1925 and greatly differentiate the transport system of the emery mines to loading bays Lionas and Moutsoúna as originally transportation was by donkey through rough trails and it was time consuming and laborious. The owner of the restaurant, who worked 35 years in them, take a tour of its customers in the mine galleries at no cost.